Greenway Living


Greenways are liner park concepts that “weave communities together.”

The Mecklenburg Greenway system is quickly becoming one of the most notable in the nation. The Little Sugar Creek Greenway, in particular, has grown to be a widely enjoyed amenity threading together the in-town areas of Charlotte.  Its existing reach stretches from 7th  Street (on the outskirts of Uptown) to Brandywine (just behind Park Road Shopping Center). It is currently just less than 4 miles long. It winds through and around the neighborhoods and areas of Elizabeth, Midtown, Cherry, Dilworth, Freedom Park, and Myers Park. It is my pleasure to feature this concentrated area of focus as a viable reference for buying or selling a home in the Charlotte area. It is near and dear to my heart and I truly enjoy helping people make the lifestyle choice to find a home in short proximity to the Greenway or to maximize engagement of a targeted audience when selling a home highlighting Greenway Access.


The significance of the Greenway actually became apparent to me when I was doing my own personal home search.

In 2012 our family decided to sell our house in Plaza Midwood and we were on a quest to find an area that would authentically suit our needs and ideals as our daughter approached her school years. We truly wanted an area that would provide a maximum quality of life. We looked for six months and considered a range of options with a wide search parameter. We kept ending up back at a little house in the Myers Park Manor area that would ultimately be a tear down/new construction project.   We finally made the decision to proceed with the purchase even though such an undertaking was not the ideal route.   The acknowledgement of all the potential benefits just started to heavily outweigh the drawbacks…Greenway Access being paramount.  It has proven to be more of an asset than we could have imagined or accounted for.  We have seen first-hand how it truly encourages a healthy lifestyle and is a great venue for community interaction and involvement. From that point I began to recognize some consistencies in what my clients were looking for as well. Somehow there was a reoccurring synchronicity that continued to resurface and leaned toward the discussion of the Greenway Living. So it became apparent to me that it was a natural fit for an area of expertise. I realized it was the place I could put my experience to work and really position myself to be of maximum service to people by helping them buy and sell homes that were in association with the Greenway.


I think one of the great aspects of this area as a focus is that there is a wide spectrum of housings types.

You can find Condos, Townhomes and Single Family ranging in price and style. The congruent accessibility to all of the different shops, restaurants and entertainment is amazing. The city has even embraced a wonderful bike system to enhance maximum benefit and usage of the Greenway. Freedom Park is tied into the Greenway where many people enjoy recreation, hanging out and festivals.


The existing areas surrounding the Greenway are showing so many signs of excitement and establishment.

With new construction popping up all of the time, plans are in the works for future development and extensions stretching beyond the existing parameters eventually connecting 19 miles of communities and natural space.  So there is still so much opportunity for investment and potential growth. Without a doubt, we will continue to see the growth and expansion increase, both commercially and residentially, as the city and county continue with the proposed plans of Greenway development. National trends suggest that properties in alignment with Greenways appreciate at rate between 5-15% higher than outlying areas. As the city grows in population and land usage, I think the Greenway’s value will be increasingly regarded as a protected and peaceful place for retreat.  Easy access will be in high demand.


So if you are considering a home purchase or sale within short proximity to the Greenway…

I am the Realtor® that believes in it, Knows it, and Lives it.  That is the kind of authenticity that can be of the highest form of productivity for you!

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